Headline Planet Privacy Policy

Headline Planet developed the following policy to demonstrate its firm commitment to user data protection, privacy and security. The information below illustrates the privacy policy followed by the Headline Planet website and wholly managed engagement platforms like e-mail.  It does not cover engagement that takes place on (and is managed by) external networks, such as Google AMP, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

The following policy is effective as of May 24, 2018.  Inquiries or applicable opt-out requests may be submitted to info[at]headlineplanet[dot]com.

Access to User Data

Headline Planet publishes news, reviews, commentaries and other forms of journalistic communication on a strictly outbound basis.  Headline Planet does not offer user accounts, email memberships, subscriptions, items for purchase or any similar features for which users must actively provide personally identifiable data.

Should users independently elect to email, mail, call or otherwise correspond with Headline Planet or any of its employees, they grant Headline Planet explicit permission to store and use their information for reasons such as addressing their inquiries, documenting the interactions, researching news tips, correcting errant content and ensuring the quality of the user experience.  At any point, users may request that such correspondence be erased. Headline Planet will comply, barring legitimate interest (such as but not limited to legal documentation or use in publication) for retaining the data.

Third-Party Interactions and Cookies

Headline Planet does not independently create, issue or monitor cookies or other tracking solutions to identify, recognize or market to users.  It does, however, engage with third parties who may use cookies for the sake of understanding user content preferences and optimizing the user experience.  Headline Planet does not control or have access to any personally identifiable data that may be collected by these third parties.

One such third party is Google Analytics.  Headline Planet relies on aggregate Google Analytics reports to understand site traffic, identify performance issues and determine the most relevant and valuable content.  To protect the privacy of our users, Headline Planet has taken the proactive steps of anonymizing IP data, disabling UserID tracking and opting into Google’s user privacy agreement and protocol.  Google Analytics may, however, employ cookies which would be subject to its own privacy policy.  Users retain the right to completely opt out of Google Analytics tracking by clicking here.

Headline Planet does not use any additional web tracking or analytics mechanisms that can access customer data.  It may, however, log server-level activity to ensure the security and stability of the site, its content, and its users’ access to that content.  This data is not stored beyond the window of critical necessity, as established by its network administrator.

Headline Planet offers advertising inventory to third-party networks, including Revcontent, GumGum, Conversant, and their partner networks.  These networks may employ cookies to tailor their advertising, which would fall under their own privacy policies.  Each network may offer its own opt-out functionality; the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) also offers users a resource for opting out.

Opt-Out Instructions:




Headline Planet embeds the Disqus platform to allow commenting on website content items.  This third-party service may collect customer data — and use cookies — in order to tailor advertising and allow users to perform functions like logging into their accounts, posting comments and “upvoting” material posted by others.  Per a new update from the provider, users may be asked to opt into the associated tracking prior — and acknowledge the the service’s own privacy policy — prior to using Disqus.  Disqus identifies itself as the controller and processor of user data. 

Headline Planet may also feature embedded third-party content, such as but not limited to videos from YouTube, posts from Twitter and photos from Instagram.  This content is not directly hosted on Headline Planet; as such, any cookies, data collection or login interfaces would fall outside the auspices of Headline Planet and its privacy policy.  Headline Planet has no control or access to this data.

While navigating Headline Planet, users may have the opportunity to click third-party links to advertisements or other websites.  Headline Planet has neither a direct association with these entities nor access to any data they may collect. Their own privacy policies would apply.

To ensure awareness of the privacy policy, Headline Planet may use a toolbar to acquire user acknowledgement and consent.  This acknowledgement may be tracked with a browser cookie, but Headline Planet will not acquire, access or otherwise use this information.

Policy for Children

HeadlinePlanet understands that children under thirteen have very special and important privacy needs.

We will not knowingly collect and/or distribute any personally identifiable information from children without parental consent.

We will not knowingly store the e-mail addresses of children for contact beyond that needed for a response to an inquiry made by a child.

We will not entice or give children an incentive to submit more information than is needed to access a feature of this website.

Any first-party links to content that may be inappropriate for children will be labeled as such in age-appropriate terms. Third-party links are not under the jurisdiction of this policy.

We, as often as possible, will encourage children to get parental consent before submitting information to the website.

Future Data Collection

While Headline Planet does not presently request inbound data from customers, it may in the future decide to offer heightened engagement mechanisms.  These may include giveaways or e-mail newsletters.

Should Headline Planet introduce these features, users will maintain the power to explicitly consent to participation and opt-in to any data use beyond the scope of the particular engagement.  They will, moreover, retain the right to opt-out and request the deletion of their data at any time.

Future Data Retention

Should Headline Planet gain access to user data now or in the future, it will provide users the opportunity to learn how such information is being processed.  Users will also have the ability to request Headline Planet delete the information and/or cease future engagement. Headline Planet may, however, be required to keep a record of that request in order to ensure compliance.


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